Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all of YOu! This year I'm starting the year doing things I love , that is one of my goals... So one of those things is making beads, selling beads for people to enjoy, and in hopes of making some money to buy more glass to create more beads.. well you get the picture lol.. The pictures I show here are beads I've posted on Ebay today.. Its a beginning of working with ebay.. I had taken some time away from that venue...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow.. Christmas is nearly here...

Hi , It has been a very busy several weeks, and I'm really really looking for things to slow down just a tad. Between the shopping, the working, decorating, quilt making, oh and we must not for get the gift wrapping. I swear every year I vow to make it non stressful.. but it just seems to follow with the time of year. I've had to let some things go this year.. just to keep up.

I am sorting all my beadies.. and have begun selling on ebay again. I revamped my website, for some reason I enjoy doing that.. love adding to it, taking away.. its creative. I love anything creative! I need to make my resolutions for the new year.. to be more creative with my lampworking and watercolors.. and make the time to do it.. no excuses..
Here is my Frosty Heart I created a little while ago.. just getting it posted now.. Its listed on Ebay..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

just playing with some of my beads...

Well, anyone who knows me .. knows I'm jewelry challenged! But I keep trying and working on that skill. I seem to have aquired enough elements to get a bit creative and when they are on sale I pick up a few things here and there. This bracelet was a challenge to me.. It took about 4 tries, but finally got it all together.. for me to wear... Below are a few close up views...
As far as beads being made right now? yes I have a few sets that need to be cleaned and pictures taken.. and posted.. trying to stock up.. for the holiday season coming up.. :-) Can't believe thanksgiving is next week.! have a wonderful week.. Diane

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beads of courage

Just a few pictures of the goodies heading to the Beads Of Courage program.. What it is this program? Well it is a program designed to support and help children coping with serious illness. The children use beads to tell their story, each bead has meaning to them and the milestones they have achieved in their journey of treatment. If you would like to read more about this wonderful program please check out their website here Beads Of Courage

Sorry for not the greatest pictures , I had already counted out and divided them up according to size and are all in their bags to be packaged up.....but it gives you an idea. Have a wonderful day.. Diane :-)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Taking Pictures of beads(helpful links) Part 2

Taking Pictures of beads and jewelry great links to check out : part 2

I've been working at this and researching for several weeks now. I've finally come up with a system that works for me… I won't bore you with all the details of my trials and tribulations… I do want to share with you some wonderful links of information out there for you to visit. I found these links to be very helpful in learning and trying different things to photograph my beads. So if you are having difficulties or would just like to improve your photos of beads.. This is a great place to start… Part 3 will show my set up and what I do and I wouldn't have gotten there if it weren't for all these wonderful people who shared their information and tips before me.
Create a Pendant..

The Beading Gem journal...

For jewelry photography tips… check out Cindy Lietz web site..

The Strobist blog.. For a 10.00 light box…

Table top Studio …

About .com

And to purchase a light box kit from sportsman guide.. Check this out..

Lori Green on wet canvas…

Improve your Glass, Bead & Jewelry Photographs by dale lynn on wet canvas

Beads by Baby

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Kiln fairies.. were very nice today..

Here is a group shot of all my glassy baubles..
Sweet pinky dots...
upside down black and white....
Transparent dicroic heart and chunky spacers...
Red and black hollow bead
Dicroic barrels with black base Organice monster focal side one...
Side two organic focal... measures approx 40mm x 25mm x 8mm... big one...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My scary house of beads..

I was just having fun with this smilebox.com program.. just playing.. Oh yes I got to torch for 3 hours or so today.. looking forward for the kiln to cool down.. will post pictures soon.. Diane
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: My scary house of beads.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kitty Kat Exchange on LE(lampworkers Ect)

I just realized. I haven't posted pictures from a previous exchange. This one was on LE , I posted my kitties I had made and mailed out on a previous blogging.. But here are my lovelys from some of the ladies involved.. Thank you to Sue for her gorgeous kitties and for hosting this exchange.. and to Debra, Maggie, Susan, Debbie, and Karen. I will have fun creating some fun jewelry just for me.. with your beautiful creations! So here are close ups.. and a group shot of these pretties... First up is a plant stick with sue's kitty.. wow I love the color and the shape, how does she do those whiskers?
Group shot.. woo hoo...

Sue's cell phone buddy... so cute!
Debra's glittery with the cutiest face

Debbie from Back river designs has quite the design and look at those toes? adorable! Karen's pretty transparent green kitty.. and a twisty tail!

Maggie's cute kitty.. love the deep colors in his belly...
Susan's round cute kitty cat.. organic look with frits and pretty blue flower..
So I hope you have enjoyed seeing these beautiful creative kitty cats.. I love each of them , and knowing they came from my friends on line. Thank you again! Happy torching...

Taking pictures of Beads(introduction and goals)

Taking pictures for posting beads on websites selling venues…
I have been involved in bead making for about 3 years now and have muddled through the "picture" taking of my beads. I want to improve my ability in showing my beads in a better light.
I've had people say, my beads look better in person.. I've taken the beads out side… in the sun, in the shade..I've done them in regular lighting.. Tried some ideas like using plastic shoe boxes.. And have the light shine through it. Has not worked for me.. So systematically I would like to go through the info out there and sort through and try again.. Sigh.. To get it right.

There are wonderful glass bead artist out there who know how to do it.. And I drool over their lovely beads.. And of course the wonderful pictures they take.. I'm sure they have had to walk this walk too! Research, ask.. Or beg.. Lol.. I can ask too.. But I'm one of those hard heads.. Who likes to figure it out.. Keep the brain engaged , and learn and read and do… Even though over the years.. I've kind of done this off and on… and have come to a point where the pictures are Ok… not perfect not great…they do the job.. But now I would like to step it up..

I will start out by showing past set ups.. I've had… and what I'm doing now… I am going to use some of those on line descriptions on how to make a light box… and use it. What I want to do is take pictures out side.. In different settings.. Take pictures in different set ups in the house as well.. to compare .
I've learned a valuable tool.. In all of this.. Photo shop elements.. Sometimes a pictures is perfect but the colors are just wrong.. The camera reads the readings.. And just does what it does.. Sometimes there will be a blue cast and just moving the camera a smidge will fix that.. Let me say I have one of those small point and shoot digitals.. With a great macro lens.. Does a great job but there are limitations.. So you need to fix…. What you can…
So enhancing is done sparingly.. If I posted the actual picture.. It would not represent that actual item with its true colors… so here I am.. just sharing, and going through the thought process> I've come to a few conclusions that work for me. Maybe some of what I have done and tried will shed light on this subject. Feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions . Remember I'm no expert, just working thorough the process and gathering information.
The pictures that follow, show you what I use to do. A light.. a table with a plastic white top. I'm showing the set up, and various things I have done and the resulting picture after color adjusting on photo shop..
This was actually pretty fancy set up for me.. my usual set up is the bottom photo.. with the bead just lying there with the light over. I think doing it this way.. I have a sponge with a card stock with a wire poking out so the bead can sit up right... I noticed this way.. not so much glare! just a little bit on the rim on top. The 2nd picture shows the result of this set up.. Its very simple and works pretty good..
This set up I am just using the shells for a back ground and I had to move the shell tray around to avoid so much glare from the light...

Ok here is the overly simple.. the one good thing about this simple set up is you have room to move the bead around to control the glare. Even still, right in the middle of the bead there is the light , So this is a beginning, this is where I have started from.. Hopefully by the end of it.. I will have a better picture quality.. Thanks for stopping by. Diane

Monday, October 19, 2009

Postcard Exchange came today.. so pretty!

What a treat it was to get my box today in the mail. My Postcard exchange showed up, and could not wait to open it... so exciting it is to see how people work with glass and thier creative energies. It makes me realize how far I have to go in my learning of this glass art. These ladies are just so talented.. Thank you to Trish and all the ladies who sent in beads.. Love em!!! Can't wait to make jewelry with them..

First picture is from new mexico.. by Tami

this beads Trish..

From canada.. Sueze..
santa cruz.. maggie... love your shells!

Last beadie.. from Gladys , north dakota...

Nice group shot of my new beads.. thank you all! they are so lovely!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Working on jewelry.

Well hello there.. Shame on me for waiting so long. I have many subject ideas to blog about.. as usual just feeling over whelmed.. life can do that to you.

I have pictures of bracelets I created to donate for a wonderful cause.. Jump for the Cure for breast cancer, the wonderful people who love their horses are doing a horse show this weekend.. these bracelets are to hopefully be raffled and money donated. It's a little something I can do to help ,every little bit helps.... I have found small charms that say "hope" ... isn't that what we need to deal with this dreadful disease.

Blogs to follow.. I promise! I won't wait a month! lol... Have pictures from the last LE Exchange... I have all kinds of information and experiments on picture taking for on line posting..I've learn alot.. and I hope to relay this information to who ever could use it. So very soon just need to organize in some sort of order... believe me there is alot!
Oh yes... hubby and I went to Herkimer New York for ...herkimer diamond hunting.. and we did well.. I will be talking about that as well... the tricks of finding these little treasures..and the website of this place.. and I will have pictures of some of my diamonds wrapped in wire.. I have a bunch from previous hunts... time do do something with them.
Lets see did I miss anything? I know I probably am.. but will be back weekly..Take care and have a wonderful week... Diane :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just some beads...

Just pictures of beads.. today.. enjoy. diane