Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spacers Galore!!!

This is what I worked on one day at the torch last week.  As you can see have not had any energy to even get them off the mandrels.  This weekend for sure.  Not too sure what I want to do with these sweet little spacers.. I did make a few vocals.. and experimenting.. but feels good to pop out this many beads on one sitting.   All transparents this time around..  have a great week..  Diane

Monday, February 6, 2012

FINALLY I did chain mail

 I have been wanting to teach myself how to create chains with jump rings.   I have a couple of books, wish I thought looked simple enough.. NOT SIMPLE>..  Once I figured it out yes simple but looking at those pictures not so easy.

This is the beginning, middle and end of this project..  Took several hours of dropping jump rings, dropping the project, figuring out I was messing up the pattern , then realizing that in one box I had two different sized jump rings..  at first blush looks the same but if you really look OH>>>  that is a smidge smaller hmmm?  So time to start over!

 As with anything practice makes perfect, which I still need loads of practice..  Anyhow after figuring out the little "problems"  I finally got into a groove of a resemblance of what it should look like.

 This is a Byzantine Chain.   So here a a few pictures of the project from start to the finished product.  I added one of my lamp worked beads in the center..  I think I may add some charms too..  but was so excited to survive this first attempt.  I liked it.. even with the rough start.