Monday, October 24, 2011

What to do with those round sort of big beads?

Hi, I've been rather busy these days..  getting all my health testing done.  Since I've been a very bad girl and have put off things for several years.  I am so happy I stepped it up and forced my self to go.   The big one was to colonoscopy, where they found 3 polyps and just 5 years ago I had none.  So I feel I have dodged a bullet for now.   So Please if you have been putting this life saving test off.  Do It. it is really really important.  
Ok now I can talk glass.. one of my favorite things..  I have been creating round beads with flowers.  Alone you look at them and think what can I do with that one floral bead?  HMMM?  yup it can be added to a bracelet as an accent piece... because it is not a set  it is just one bead.. or even into a necklace.. Most are not tiny beads.. more moderate in size..  So One day I sat down and created this totally fun pendant using a simple round bead!  As you can imagine it sold immediately and had many request on it.
At  the moment I have several round beads of varying sizes and just wanted to share this idea for  using this type of bead..  of course if your interested in me making one for you I would just add  10.00 on the bead price and could mail it to you  all wired up.  
Have a great day..  to check out my round floral beads just click on my ETsy account and contact me if you would like  a pendant wired up..  Diane :-)