Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ema Kilroy beads .. wired up.

Hi As promised.. Here are my wired up Ema K Beads. I just hung them on simple chains, and wired them up using small silver findings and crystals.. Love the shine those bring to a focal.
As I was working with the first one.. I noticed something really cool... Do YOU see it? What does it look like to you? If you don't.. scroll down to the close up.. and you will see..

Not yet.. this is the other side to that pretty bead... next picture

Looks like a Rattle Snake.. with eye and all.. well if you saw something different.. thats ok that is what organic's are like we see what we want to see...

And my little butter fly Focal... already for the wearing... Thanks Ema
Love these beads!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A wonderful Lampwork Artisan Ema K Designs

I Bought some beautiful Crafted Beads today! I was invited to a really amazing show "Dunstable Artisans" 21st Annual Art show and Sales. I was blown away with the talent in this group. I had to share with you the lampwork art created by Ema Kilroy
I came to her booth and we chatted and caught up a bit. We know each other from karate classes, way back when.. But when I got a chance to look, it was a feast for the eyes. Gorgeous color combinations.. Amazing wire work as well, she is such an inspiration to me.
I love these beads because they spoke to me.. It doesn't matter that I make beads. Every lampwork bead is a treasure, because no matter how hard you try you can never duplicate beads like this. These are works of art and I feel lucky to find them and wear them proudly.
I love purchasing beads from other bead artist, I feel I have a bit of their spirit in the art they have created. I so love it when comments are made on any jewelry I wear created with anothers beads. I let them know who created it.. and guide them to where to find their creations.
Speaking of which here are Ema's websites and shops Enjoy..
Thankyou for stopping by.. and by the way I will post the finished necklaces I create..and I think I need to pop my new earings in.. :-)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Daffodil Bead Tutorial: My first attempt...

What is going on in the studio this week... ? Learning. I purchased this great tutorial from Corina Tettinger... its Called Daffodils Bead Tutorial ( how to make an encased Daffodil bead and similar 3-D flowers. This is 54 jammed packed pages of pictures and instruction.. and really if you are a lampwork artist who is interested in this. I highly suggest it. You can find it on Corina's web site. Corinabeads
Here are my two really two first attempts, I think I am happy with them.. Considering when I first took them out of the kiln.. I had my "visions" on how they should have looked. WEll on 2nd inspection I am happy with the first go around..
This first bead has a simple flower on one side, and a daffodil on the other side. Its a very wonky bead.. You know hot heads can be a bit tough to shape this much glass in one sitting.. but my goal was just to try and get flowers made.. task accomplished.

Here is the first actual daffodil I made.. its a bit mashed, but it kind of looks like what I was trying to make.. :-)... The next one is twice as big, bead wise... and I did two daffodils. with a bunch of the simple flowers with the bubble dots.. I love the 3D look to these beads.. and the yellow and greens go so well together! One problem I did have was the distortion of some of the flowers.. I plan on working on the "size" of the flowers... there fore the beads should not be so big.. and hopefully I will have less distortion.. since there will not be as much glass to fight with on my hot head. That very last bead.... well I had started to try different colors of "flowers" but was just so exhausted doing these two.. I just plopped it on a white barrel bead and mashed it..

A picture from both sides of the 2nd bead.. it is shaped better..It really was a lot of fun to do.. and oh man, as I was doing this I was getting all kinds of ideas, I can use with this technique. This is why we try new things.. to spark our muse.. and be creative.