Friday, December 10, 2010

The New Torch.. First beads:Feeling like a newbie again!

Hi , I've been a busy girl... setting up this bad boy.. aka "big girl torch" It is a mini CC for those of you who do not torch , by Carlisle.

From the day I began torching on a Hot head torch.. I have loved this activity of melting glass.. and creating.. I had never had the opportunity to try anything different So with alot of research and asking other lampwork artist, I made a decision. Really not knowing if I would like it.. I LOVE it..

It is so quiet, and easy to use. Faster in melting glass, and the colors are fabulous! I am still working on the control of the glass, I have only had 2 major melt downs and a pile of glass on my desk.

To see my first batch of beads scroll down.. Now i just to find my muse.. and get a creating.

A couple of scenery beads , and dots and dots galore. And a few organic focals with an occasional floral. I'm very happy with my new toy... :-)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ema Kilroy beads .. wired up.

Hi As promised.. Here are my wired up Ema K Beads. I just hung them on simple chains, and wired them up using small silver findings and crystals.. Love the shine those bring to a focal.
As I was working with the first one.. I noticed something really cool... Do YOU see it? What does it look like to you? If you don't.. scroll down to the close up.. and you will see..

Not yet.. this is the other side to that pretty bead... next picture

Looks like a Rattle Snake.. with eye and all.. well if you saw something different.. thats ok that is what organic's are like we see what we want to see...

And my little butter fly Focal... already for the wearing... Thanks Ema
Love these beads!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A wonderful Lampwork Artisan Ema K Designs

I Bought some beautiful Crafted Beads today! I was invited to a really amazing show "Dunstable Artisans" 21st Annual Art show and Sales. I was blown away with the talent in this group. I had to share with you the lampwork art created by Ema Kilroy
I came to her booth and we chatted and caught up a bit. We know each other from karate classes, way back when.. But when I got a chance to look, it was a feast for the eyes. Gorgeous color combinations.. Amazing wire work as well, she is such an inspiration to me.
I love these beads because they spoke to me.. It doesn't matter that I make beads. Every lampwork bead is a treasure, because no matter how hard you try you can never duplicate beads like this. These are works of art and I feel lucky to find them and wear them proudly.
I love purchasing beads from other bead artist, I feel I have a bit of their spirit in the art they have created. I so love it when comments are made on any jewelry I wear created with anothers beads. I let them know who created it.. and guide them to where to find their creations.
Speaking of which here are Ema's websites and shops Enjoy..
Thankyou for stopping by.. and by the way I will post the finished necklaces I create..and I think I need to pop my new earings in.. :-)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Daffodil Bead Tutorial: My first attempt...

What is going on in the studio this week... ? Learning. I purchased this great tutorial from Corina Tettinger... its Called Daffodils Bead Tutorial ( how to make an encased Daffodil bead and similar 3-D flowers. This is 54 jammed packed pages of pictures and instruction.. and really if you are a lampwork artist who is interested in this. I highly suggest it. You can find it on Corina's web site. Corinabeads
Here are my two really two first attempts, I think I am happy with them.. Considering when I first took them out of the kiln.. I had my "visions" on how they should have looked. WEll on 2nd inspection I am happy with the first go around..
This first bead has a simple flower on one side, and a daffodil on the other side. Its a very wonky bead.. You know hot heads can be a bit tough to shape this much glass in one sitting.. but my goal was just to try and get flowers made.. task accomplished.

Here is the first actual daffodil I made.. its a bit mashed, but it kind of looks like what I was trying to make.. :-)... The next one is twice as big, bead wise... and I did two daffodils. with a bunch of the simple flowers with the bubble dots.. I love the 3D look to these beads.. and the yellow and greens go so well together! One problem I did have was the distortion of some of the flowers.. I plan on working on the "size" of the flowers... there fore the beads should not be so big.. and hopefully I will have less distortion.. since there will not be as much glass to fight with on my hot head. That very last bead.... well I had started to try different colors of "flowers" but was just so exhausted doing these two.. I just plopped it on a white barrel bead and mashed it..

A picture from both sides of the 2nd bead.. it is shaped better..It really was a lot of fun to do.. and oh man, as I was doing this I was getting all kinds of ideas, I can use with this technique. This is why we try new things.. to spark our muse.. and be creative.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just some beads to share..

Just sharing some pictures of my back log of beads. I'm catching up and going through the pile..
Doing the photo shoots.. and measuring and getting ready to post this batch.. I have about 16 or so , mostly focals.. Just thought I'd share.
This bead was created with cranberry cim.. what a cool reaction on ivory.

this one reminds me of a spine.. runnning through this bead..

Splish splash.. is all this reminds me of

Some sort of eye... I think...

One of my charm beads.. this one has one hole at the bottom to hang something from it or just leave it alone..

Have a great week.. Diane

Monday, September 13, 2010

I am back, its been a while.

Well it has been a while.. but hopefully will be organized now.. Summer is over, it was a really nice summer other than it was so dry that my plants went to seed in just a few weeks..

We went camping as usual, usually I share some of those pictures..only one the lovely seen from a hike we took in new hamspshire.

but its been a tough summer.We are still trying to get use to not having my father in law with us. He passed the day after fathers day, such a hard thing to deal with and think about. We miss him, we will never forget..

On a positive note, I have moved to the day shift in my job.. for 21 years I did the 2nd shift. It worked beautifully while my girls where growing up. Now they are both in college, and making me proud! They are doing such a good job, and making life long decisions for their futures. Education is so important to us.
As you know we have a new kitty named oliver.. and oreo is just finally accepting the fact.. gosh it only took 8 months! Maxie is totally thrilled to have a buddy to play with..

My goal, is to get back to the blogging.. seems like life is settling down. With the girls back to school...I'm thinking of updating to a new dual torch.. (i'm making the sound tool man tailor does when he talks about a big tool or machine..) more power! more fire woo hoo.. for making those beads! I have a huge pile to go through.. some to post, some to create with... so much to do..
Have a great week. Diane

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slide Show of Spring Beads 2010

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Just my most recent beadies... Will be torching soon... very soon...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Murrini Play time...

Well Hello there, its been such a long time.. life has been busy.. between inviting into our home a new kitty named Oliver, changes in my job situation (more day shifts) and of course just the every day busy busy of a family life.. I will save that for another time.. for today....
I'd like to share my murrini play time! You saw the pictures of the murrini's sent in for my wetcanvas exchange hosted by Maggie.. what a wonderful job she did.. and let me tell you when the package came in the mail.. I was in awe.. seeing all the gorgeous murrini created by these wonderful glass artist! Below I have downloaded pictures using a few murrini from each artist. I have one big bead with 1 of each added as a commerative bead of this exchange.. its a big one! but so much fun to look at.. I also did many small beads for a bracelet. this was as much as a practice learn how to use kind of project.. I plan to continue creating with these little works of art.. but these are just for me... really play time.. so much fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Murrini Exchange: a great way to learn.

Well hello there.. Finally done with my murrini... for the wet canvas exchange hosted by Maggie. For those of you who do not make beads.. murrini are little designs created adding glass insuch a way to create a design, you then pull the gathering of glass into a rod. Then to cut the rods into chips.. These thin slices are added to beads for designing element..

Ok and for those of you who do make glass beads. I just need to say I've got such a long way to go.. oh boy.. as with anything its PPP practice practice practice.

For my very first time trying this technique? I had fun except for when the chunk of glass broke off and landed right in my shirt.. yup.. as I type this I am still healing. Im ok.. really the silly thing landed and got caught in my undergarment.. where it sat burning.. thankfully it cooled off pretty quickly.. but not with out a fair amount of damage.. I need to think over how I must dress to protect myself better.. I'm very lucky it didn't hit me in the face. This little miss hap will not stop me.. I do plan on working on these murrini's again. hopefully create some very cool designs... :-)
Here is a bead with a few of the first ones I created.. I kind of like the homemade variety, and can't wait to see all the beautiful murrini created by my glass artist friends... who also signed up.. each person sends in several batches.. and the person who hosts it.. then redistributes to everyone.. so you get one bag from each person.. I promise I will come back with exchange murrini part 2 when I get all the murrini's from my friends..Oh I've seen a prevue.. they are amazing.. I also will share the beads created with any of these.. how fun..Do you see how this art form has so many levels and aspects to it?
Ok what will be coming next? hmmmm oh yes... I'd like to talk about a wonderful little store i stopped into yesterday.. What a GEM! Oh I have a feeling I will be visiting it ALOT! no more acmoore for me or michaels.. that will give you a hint..
Have a wonderful weekend... hugs Diane

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Kitty... Some murrini, and lots of rain this week!

My goodness, it has been a while.. the biggest news which has NOTHING to do with glass or beads.. Has to do with the little white furry thing in these pictures.. his name is oliver..
He was found wondering the road ways in our town.. effords where made to find his owner. No luck, so we adopted him.. Such a sweet addition to our family! ah heck.. I'll come back next week to share the murrini's I made for a wet canvas exchange.. I think Oliver and max should have front page! lol..

He's such a cutie with his orange tail and ears.. and those electric blue eyes..

His little special pillow.. fluffy dog.....