Monday, September 13, 2010

I am back, its been a while.

Well it has been a while.. but hopefully will be organized now.. Summer is over, it was a really nice summer other than it was so dry that my plants went to seed in just a few weeks..

We went camping as usual, usually I share some of those pictures..only one the lovely seen from a hike we took in new hamspshire.

but its been a tough summer.We are still trying to get use to not having my father in law with us. He passed the day after fathers day, such a hard thing to deal with and think about. We miss him, we will never forget..

On a positive note, I have moved to the day shift in my job.. for 21 years I did the 2nd shift. It worked beautifully while my girls where growing up. Now they are both in college, and making me proud! They are doing such a good job, and making life long decisions for their futures. Education is so important to us.
As you know we have a new kitty named oliver.. and oreo is just finally accepting the fact.. gosh it only took 8 months! Maxie is totally thrilled to have a buddy to play with..

My goal, is to get back to the blogging.. seems like life is settling down. With the girls back to school...I'm thinking of updating to a new dual torch.. (i'm making the sound tool man tailor does when he talks about a big tool or machine..) more power! more fire woo hoo.. for making those beads! I have a huge pile to go through.. some to post, some to create with... so much to do..
Have a great week. Diane

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  1. Life has a way of keeping us busy...

    So what kind of torch are you thinking of getting?