Friday, March 19, 2010

Murrini Exchange: a great way to learn.

Well hello there.. Finally done with my murrini... for the wet canvas exchange hosted by Maggie. For those of you who do not make beads.. murrini are little designs created adding glass insuch a way to create a design, you then pull the gathering of glass into a rod. Then to cut the rods into chips.. These thin slices are added to beads for designing element..

Ok and for those of you who do make glass beads. I just need to say I've got such a long way to go.. oh boy.. as with anything its PPP practice practice practice.

For my very first time trying this technique? I had fun except for when the chunk of glass broke off and landed right in my shirt.. yup.. as I type this I am still healing. Im ok.. really the silly thing landed and got caught in my undergarment.. where it sat burning.. thankfully it cooled off pretty quickly.. but not with out a fair amount of damage.. I need to think over how I must dress to protect myself better.. I'm very lucky it didn't hit me in the face. This little miss hap will not stop me.. I do plan on working on these murrini's again. hopefully create some very cool designs... :-)
Here is a bead with a few of the first ones I created.. I kind of like the homemade variety, and can't wait to see all the beautiful murrini created by my glass artist friends... who also signed up.. each person sends in several batches.. and the person who hosts it.. then redistributes to everyone.. so you get one bag from each person.. I promise I will come back with exchange murrini part 2 when I get all the murrini's from my friends..Oh I've seen a prevue.. they are amazing.. I also will share the beads created with any of these.. how fun..Do you see how this art form has so many levels and aspects to it?
Ok what will be coming next? hmmmm oh yes... I'd like to talk about a wonderful little store i stopped into yesterday.. What a GEM! Oh I have a feeling I will be visiting it ALOT! no more acmoore for me or michaels.. that will give you a hint..
Have a wonderful weekend... hugs Diane

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Kitty... Some murrini, and lots of rain this week!

My goodness, it has been a while.. the biggest news which has NOTHING to do with glass or beads.. Has to do with the little white furry thing in these pictures.. his name is oliver..
He was found wondering the road ways in our town.. effords where made to find his owner. No luck, so we adopted him.. Such a sweet addition to our family! ah heck.. I'll come back next week to share the murrini's I made for a wet canvas exchange.. I think Oliver and max should have front page! lol..

He's such a cutie with his orange tail and ears.. and those electric blue eyes..

His little special pillow.. fluffy dog.....