Friday, May 22, 2009

what do you do to bump up your creativity?

Hi there. I think alot of artist sometimes have dry spells, where the creative jag just zigs.. so what to do to get it back on track? Well, For me that usually means trying something new. Thats why I like to sign up for challenges on Wet Canvas or lampwork ect. these are lampwork/artist exchanges or challenges to try something new.

Last year signed up for a hollow exchange and a Dead of winter.. these exchanges involve making a bead that has to do with a theme of sorts, or type of bead.. and you send them to the person who is hosting it... if you mail in 5 you get 5 back from 5 different artist.. its so neat to recieve them in the mail. Honestly its such a thrill to own a bead from some of these wonderful artist..
This picture to the left are the lovely beads I recieved from other artist for the "dead of winter exchange.

The other exchange signed up to do was to create hollow beads... Never ever done those.. woo woo.. It opened a whole new world of playing with glass.. darn can't wait to just go torch and make more hollows..

Here are a couple of pictures as an example of some of the hollows i've done since that exchange.. such a wonderful learning experience .

Lately I have been tinkering with my pile of bits and pieces of glass.. YOu know those left overs, and little bits of glass.. I am a pack rat with alot of things.. and glass is no exception.. lol.. so here was one of my first Bit O pieces focals.. its not great. but its something that helps gets my creative energy going again.. hey maybe doing a hollow and adding my bits and peices. to that..??? hmmm
this a shot from both sides.. kind of weird.. surely one of a kind... who knows what will come out of the playing... Hope you are having a nice memorial day weekend.. ours has been pretty low key.. kids are working hubby is working.. so I thinks I'll go visit friends.. Take care..
Sincerely Diane.. :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My very first blog here, I did have a wordpress blog, but found it difficult to change and edit the layouts, so decided to try out blogger. It seems more flexible. We'll see....

Here is a heart I created, and i'm sending it as a gift to my favorite Auntie in canada... My aunt Marie. She is such a sweet lady, and is so supportive in my lampwork success...

What is it about lampworking that is so much fun? I just know, that when I work at the torch , my troubles just fall away for a little while. Who cares if the house is a bit messy.. or maybe work is a little bit stressful.. life is always perfect while creating. Seems I gravitate to transparents lately and playing with silver foil... such yummy colors... have a hot fire day!