Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My very first blog here, I did have a wordpress blog, but found it difficult to change and edit the layouts, so decided to try out blogger. It seems more flexible. We'll see....

Here is a heart I created, and i'm sending it as a gift to my favorite Auntie in canada... My aunt Marie. She is such a sweet lady, and is so supportive in my lampwork success...

What is it about lampworking that is so much fun? I just know, that when I work at the torch , my troubles just fall away for a little while. Who cares if the house is a bit messy.. or maybe work is a little bit stressful.. life is always perfect while creating. Seems I gravitate to transparents lately and playing with silver foil... such yummy colors... have a hot fire day!


  1. Dianne, I think this is a wonderful start!! I just need to keep mine updated more often. Good luck!!! Your beads area beautiful!!


  2. What a beautiful heart Diana! I bet your Aunt will be delighted. New blog is LOOKING GOOD! :oD