Saturday, January 29, 2011

What to do with ALL those beads?

What do we do when our passion in creating takes over that proverbial edge? I remember seeing a picture on a forum from a lamp work artist.. of ALL her beads and thought wow.. She has made a lot.. Well I'm here to say, it happens to the best of us. As she was amazed at the number of beads she had accumulated, in her creative endeavor. I find myself in the same position today.. I've seen it coming.. the boxes and boxes of crazy saving.

Now mind you the beads I sell, are my "perfect' what I think the buyer wants out there. I look at my beads with a very stern look , will they be enough for the buyers out there.
I look at all aspects. So as you can imagine.. I have that perfectionist hat on.. unfortunately these are handmade, and sometimes the glass does what the glass does.. when it wants to, not when you want it to! :-)
Some times the design is just perfect except for that little something that is just not perfect.. or the pucker not that awesome.. like we like it.. but darn it. Its a beautiful bead. sigh. At times the color combinations may not be to my liking but sometimes someone else out there will love it..
So I've come to a decision.. I'll be going through my piles.. and putting them on eBay.. to try to send these beadies to new homes.. that can use them.
I probably will be donating a bunch to BOC (beads of courage)... and give away to friends.. Some I may even keep and actually create jewelry from them...
By the way that picture above and below are only from 1 small plastic box I had.. all focals and hearts.. and hollows... Does that give you an idea of the number of beads sitting here? I have several of those plastic divided boxes large ones..... and that was a small one I dove into.
These are all pretty big so not good for BOC . will be selling in batches on eBay, at a reduced rate.. usually each bead goes for 10-20 each.. but will be selling at 2.00-3.00 each..

Friday, January 7, 2011