Friday, September 11, 2009

Just some beads...

Just pictures of beads.. today.. enjoy. diane

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PostCard Exchange on Wet Canvas

I have been needing a boost lately to get my creative juices going again. I had signed up for a Exchange on Wet canvas beginning of the summer.. as summers go you know the drill.... Kids are home, vacations.. yard work.. WELL.. almost thought I'd have to drop out, and luckly the due date was extended.. So happy for that.

So what was this about, well you pick out some postcards from your area and create beads from the post card.. either pull colors out, try to do a design , found in the it focal, or sets..

I'm from the north east, found one for boston.. but actually found some from my town. Doing something like this really helps in getting your mind to work. I find being creative is a process, thinking things through..

Post card from Boston...

Loons are very popular in the NE.

Apple trees blooming in the spring...

Fields of lupines... tall spike like flowers.

A covered the way that covered bridge is one of the landmarks of Pepperell, mass... unfortunately its being rebuilt by the state.. so it may look diffferent by next year.. sad to say.. but at least we have pictures of it before it was taken down.. this is a painting done by an artist in the area.. made into a postcard..
Once I get my "exchange " from my fellow beaders, I will post those as well.. Keep creating..:-) Diane