Sunday, August 28, 2011

Its been way too long.

Hey there..  I've been missing in action, no excuses will do.  So I will just jump back in!

What is going on in the studio these days.  I've been creating pendants with my focal beads.   I feel sometimes people like my beads, but then feel like well now what do I do if I buy it?  Not everyone like creating jewelry, so I've decided to see what can I create with my beads.   It may actually give those who buy the beads, ideas what to do with them..  and for those who do not make jewelry they have a finished piece for themselves for a reasonable price.

What I have found out out how much I enjoy working with the little jewelry tools, the beads and the wire wrapping.. Oh boy something else for me to PLAY with..  love it .  I guess anything that comes from my creative brain and I can do with my own hands is always  a joy for me..  it balances out my life with my full time job which is a lot more serious.

so here are a bunch of pictures of  my pendants I just made.. a few are on ebay, easy and art fire..  Eventually all will get posted..  Just posted 4 for now..  more to come.. :-)  have a great day!

So what is happening today?  Hurricanne Irene.. is coming through.. shocking I still have power!   Basically where we are located just heavy rains and winds... but seems to be ok.  So far.