Friday, October 30, 2009

Taking Pictures of beads(helpful links) Part 2

Taking Pictures of beads and jewelry great links to check out : part 2

I've been working at this and researching for several weeks now. I've finally come up with a system that works for me… I won't bore you with all the details of my trials and tribulations… I do want to share with you some wonderful links of information out there for you to visit. I found these links to be very helpful in learning and trying different things to photograph my beads. So if you are having difficulties or would just like to improve your photos of beads.. This is a great place to start… Part 3 will show my set up and what I do and I wouldn't have gotten there if it weren't for all these wonderful people who shared their information and tips before me.
Create a Pendant..

The Beading Gem journal...

For jewelry photography tips… check out Cindy Lietz web site..

The Strobist blog.. For a 10.00 light box…

Table top Studio …

About .com

And to purchase a light box kit from sportsman guide.. Check this out..

Lori Green on wet canvas…

Improve your Glass, Bead & Jewelry Photographs by dale lynn on wet canvas

Beads by Baby

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