Friday, October 16, 2009

Working on jewelry.

Well hello there.. Shame on me for waiting so long. I have many subject ideas to blog about.. as usual just feeling over whelmed.. life can do that to you.

I have pictures of bracelets I created to donate for a wonderful cause.. Jump for the Cure for breast cancer, the wonderful people who love their horses are doing a horse show this weekend.. these bracelets are to hopefully be raffled and money donated. It's a little something I can do to help ,every little bit helps.... I have found small charms that say "hope" ... isn't that what we need to deal with this dreadful disease.

Blogs to follow.. I promise! I won't wait a month! lol... Have pictures from the last LE Exchange... I have all kinds of information and experiments on picture taking for on line posting..I've learn alot.. and I hope to relay this information to who ever could use it. So very soon just need to organize in some sort of order... believe me there is alot!
Oh yes... hubby and I went to Herkimer New York for ...herkimer diamond hunting.. and we did well.. I will be talking about that as well... the tricks of finding these little treasures..and the website of this place.. and I will have pictures of some of my diamonds wrapped in wire.. I have a bunch from previous hunts... time do do something with them.
Lets see did I miss anything? I know I probably am.. but will be back weekly..Take care and have a wonderful week... Diane :-)

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