Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kitty Kat Exchange on LE(lampworkers Ect)

I just realized. I haven't posted pictures from a previous exchange. This one was on LE , I posted my kitties I had made and mailed out on a previous blogging.. But here are my lovelys from some of the ladies involved.. Thank you to Sue for her gorgeous kitties and for hosting this exchange.. and to Debra, Maggie, Susan, Debbie, and Karen. I will have fun creating some fun jewelry just for me.. with your beautiful creations! So here are close ups.. and a group shot of these pretties... First up is a plant stick with sue's kitty.. wow I love the color and the shape, how does she do those whiskers?
Group shot.. woo hoo...

Sue's cell phone buddy... so cute!
Debra's glittery with the cutiest face

Debbie from Back river designs has quite the design and look at those toes? adorable! Karen's pretty transparent green kitty.. and a twisty tail!

Maggie's cute kitty.. love the deep colors in his belly...
Susan's round cute kitty cat.. organic look with frits and pretty blue flower..
So I hope you have enjoyed seeing these beautiful creative kitty cats.. I love each of them , and knowing they came from my friends on line. Thank you again! Happy torching...

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