Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow.. Christmas is nearly here...

Hi , It has been a very busy several weeks, and I'm really really looking for things to slow down just a tad. Between the shopping, the working, decorating, quilt making, oh and we must not for get the gift wrapping. I swear every year I vow to make it non stressful.. but it just seems to follow with the time of year. I've had to let some things go this year.. just to keep up.

I am sorting all my beadies.. and have begun selling on ebay again. I revamped my website, for some reason I enjoy doing that.. love adding to it, taking away.. its creative. I love anything creative! I need to make my resolutions for the new year.. to be more creative with my lampworking and watercolors.. and make the time to do it.. no excuses..
Here is my Frosty Heart I created a little while ago.. just getting it posted now.. Its listed on Ebay..

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