Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's Happening this week?

I want to share a few pictures of fun stuff this week.. I'm working on a cat and dog exchange.. I've made a bead for a special coworker who has worked hard for many years to get his PHD.. so proud of him! I made a little reminder of how special he is! I also have pictures of one of my bits of glass beads.. oh and that one is quite funky..looking..

Think I'd like to start with the "DR Jeff " Bead.. Mr.. jeff has gotten himself a cool teaching job, so he is starting a new job but will be working here and there to help us out. So he's not gone yet. I wanted to see if I could create a bead for him to maybe hang on his backpack or as a key chain... took me 3 times but finally got this one.. and it survived the kiln Its 42 mm long.. I had to stamp DR On one side and Jeff on the other side.. getting it all on one side was not an option.. it didn't work.. I love using those special scrapbooking letters made of metal . and this was a good chance to practice and try something with them! I hope jeff likes his bead.. I sure had fun making it!

My Little bits o glass bead..Its very sculptural.. this is just playing.. and trying different things.. not sure what to call this. its a bit odd but fun.

Ok stop laughing so loudly.. lol.. these are my "cat and dog" exchange. These are my first attempts, and i've figured out what works what doesn't sort of. I have visions of what I want them to be! But it doesn't always translate to what is pictured.. but this is how we learn and and improve. PPP... practice practice , practice.
I have a bunch of beads to post.. thanks for stopping by today was mostly to just show the "playing " aspect of torching...

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