Thursday, June 4, 2009

My little Fur Buddy!

Hi just trying something new..
I took a little video with my digital camera this morning. Max my kitty was just being his cute little self. The reason for doing this besides showing how cute max is.. is to maybe video tape beads in progress... during the process in the flame.. I will probably have to bribe one of my family members to do it.. anyhow until then... this is max .. He is a pound kitty, and when I brought him home.. my husband made the comment you know he's gonna grow into those ears and feet.. and he was oh so right! (turns out he is part maine coon) So here goes.. little video of maxie doing his thing.. and in the process I've learned something new and exciting to do on the web..

ok that took a while but it looks like it worked.. now just need to see if it actually works.. enjoy.. and I am off to the Artfire shop and Etsy shop to post some beads..have a great day! Diane

Ok I just viewed the video... I realized! that my camera was set at a lower setting for detail.. so I've learned something here.. next time it will be a better quality of video.. sorry about the fuzziness of this one.. but it was still fun to do! and thanks for taking a look... ok got to get this day goin..

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