Friday, June 19, 2009

Cat Exchange for Lampworkers Ect.

Here is my group shot of kitties being sent off to the Cat club Exchange On LE.. This was the best of my best.. Of course I wish they where better, and with time I will improve on them.

For now, I'm just having fun trying different thing, and working on the designing of them.. These guys pretty much hang the right way.. I also made a hollow faced kitty.. right hand corner and a oval body kitty opposite corner.
Here is a real experiment.. I'm actually happy with it.. but could not reproduce the efford during that torch session.. So gave up for the day.. after a few hours sometimes you just don't have it in you to do anything.. lol... but this little guy is a hollow kittie , and has been mashed a little bit.. and it hangs perfectly!!! No talking it into hanging its feet where they need to go! Next torch session, will give it another try.

Ok not a kitty.. just something I was happy with. Its on its way with the kitty's to the hostess of the kitty exchange as a little thankyou. She is going to be spending a lot of time sorting all the beads.. and mailing them all out within the next couple of week. Bless her heart. Alot of work for sure... not to mention torching too!
I promise I will post the beads I receive in this exchange as well as the wet canvas "raining cats and dogs"... So much fun! Such a treat to receive beads in return from other wonderful glass artist. Have a great weekend! Sincerely Diane :-)

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  1. I love that last bead Diane, and it's really fun to watch your cats progress - you've captured their faces perfectly and I really like the four little white paws on the last one!