Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First Murrini, It worked!!!!

 I created this murrini using  Christina Catherine of WWW.CCGLASSART.COM 
This was an interesting process making these.  Oh my goodness..  by the end of it I had such a wad of glass on the end of a metal mandrel... about the size of a walnut.  My husband comes in the room just to let me know he's home..  I tell him.. hi .. can't talk...  I barely give him a glance..  since things can go wrong so quickly. lol..  He did not take it personally.. good thing.  

So I learned so much doing this.  It's quite amazing to see what you can produce.  With layers and layers of glass.  Below are pictures of the murrini  not cut with some slices ready to be used.  Then a picture of the twists made from the left over.  Then finally 3 beads this murrini was used on.   

Over all I was very happy I find though that the light green you see on the murrini does not show much once put in a bead....  It's all in the learning and doing process.  But this was a good start , I was very nervous.. with the start of this project.  I now feel more confident after following Christina's instructions.  :-) 

end and rod of murrini and some cut pieces
just a shot of murrini

twists created with left over glass ends
murrini put in and melted in 
This murrini melted in with a glob of clear over it..


  1. So beautiful. I would love for you to design a piece for me. Let's talk

    1. Hi lit eat the end of tunnel.. what did you have in mind? maybe I have something that will fit what you have in mind.. I have loads of beads...and of course can "try" to do something for you..

  2. thank you tami... It's really so much fun to do.. just blows my mind when you pull that huge gather and it works!!!! lol