Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 it's gonna be better!

I'm here still trying to flex my creative muscle.  It's been getting weaker due to life just getting in the way.  I've decided that we do things that are important to us.   This is a new year, a new attitude and I have decided  this is very important to me.   I'm not me when I do not create, be it melting glass, or pulling out my watercolors.   I feel like something is missing like an old friend.  That I have not called in a while.

I may not be perfect in my creating.  But its the doing that is important being in that zone.  The good and the Bad so I hope for those of you who have found me and find the time to pop in from time to time.. that there is something worth while to read, or find a picture or two..  to see what is going on in the studio.. or life.

So what has been going on... what the near future holds.. well let me just say I have a few little plans... on is to learn how to make murrini...  I found a wonderful 53 page TUT on ETSY..  can not wait to try it.

It is created by Christina Catherine and the link to this tut is =>  Making Beautiful Murrini
her etsy site is CCGLASSART.COM   I  cannot wait to give it a try..  this week for sure and will share the attempts.. I'm really excited.  Seems like I have not tried anything new lately..  so this is a start.

I also have set up my watercolor palette and my goal will be to paint weekly.. I will soon enough add the link of my watercolor blog.. once things start up.. very soon.

But until  then here are a couple of new beads I finally got cleaned and ready for sale.  My typical organic style..  thanks for the stop by.  Have a great weekend.  Diane

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