Friday, July 24, 2009

A little of this a little of that..

Hey there , Its be a while... I think summer has gotten the best of me.. Yard work, vacationing.. going to the beach, enjoying having my kids home for the summer! Its all good.. and also working extra hours... at work covering nights so other coworkers can also have their vacations..
So I surely will be posting more..
I sold a bead set pictured below on etsy.. Organic chinese Green is on its way to its new home.

I did get on the torch, and had such hopes and aspirations! Alas, I got a few uninterupted hours on the torch(so I thought).. I knew the gas was getting low and I was struggling.. it was taking a lot longer to produce this cocoon bead(just not hot enough).. so it sat in the flame for a good 45 minutes.. trying to shape it and get looking good! The heat just was not there.. I did the best I could, and finally gave up.. but once I pulled it out of the kiln I was pleasantly surprised. I only could get one more bead and my gas finally ran out.. boo hoo...

So until I get the tank filled and be powered up... with heat. I'll have to play with beads and experiment and work on my jewelry skills.. I love wire wrapping and what have you..

This is just a cobalt blue base, rolled in frits, then covered in clear.. its not a great bead over all but loved the colors that came out of that floral frits..

Ok as you know we went to Maine a few weeks ago, the Arcadia Park.. area Here is the few paintings I did.. it felt amazing to just take my paints and paint outside. If you would like to see these paintings and the descriptions go to my ..watercolor web just look at the pictures... Until next time.. my friends.. have a great weekend, hope the sun is shining where you are.. Diane :-)

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